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Arbor Tech Bar


Arbor Tech bar from GB, is a slim-contour, one-piece, replaceable sprocket nose guide bar. Manufactured from the same high-tech alloy steel as GB professional bars. The Arbor Tech bar offers pro-quality features and performance, yet weighs no more than a laminated bar, an ideal choice for professional woodcutters or discriminating casual users.

The Arbor Tech range covers professional replacement nose bars for small chainsaws running 3/8" low profile chain.


  • One-piece steel construction, no welds!
  • Laser-cut for precision shape and fit-up.
  • Rails are induction-hardened and tempered.
  • Steel bar body is tempered for strength.
  • Professional sprocket glides on precision Swiss bearings.
  • Replaceable Sprocket Nose
  • Superior resistance to wear; extremely durable.
  • Maximum bar life and greater value.
  • Consistent groove width, less friction.
Part # LengthPitchDLGaugeMount
PO10-50WR 10"3/8" LP40.050"PO
POX10-50WR 10"3/8" LP40.050"POX
HX12-50WR 12"3/8" LP48.050"HX
PO12-50WR 12"3/8" LP45.050"PO
M12-50WR 12"3/8" LP44.050"M
F14-50WR 14"3/8" LP50.050"F
HX14-50WR 14"3/8" LP53.050"HX
M14-50WR 14"3/8" LP50.050"M
SW14-50WR 14"3/8" LP50.050"SW
SW16-50WR 16"3/8" LP55.050"SW
PO16-50WR 16"3/8" LP56.050"PO
M16-50WR 16"3/8" LP56.050"M
M18-50WR 18"3/8" LP60.050"M