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Extra Long Bars


GB is one of the only manufacturers in the world capable of producing extra-long bars and variations made for special applications, such as chain saw mills.

GB extra-long bars are crafted from solid, high-tech titanium alloy steel with precision-ground grooves…by far, the toughest, most-durable extra-long chain saw bar in the world.

These extended-length bars are fitted with GB's rugged replacement nose sprocket, which was originally developed for mechanical harvesting applications. This nose system is easily replaced in the shop or on the job.

All long bars come standard with a .404" nose, but can be changed to a 3/8" nose.


  • Bar body crafted in solid, high-tech titanium alloy steel.
  • Precision-ground grooves; Uniform, induction-hardened rails.
  • Quality bar can be re-grooved for extra-long life.
  • Nose can be replaced in minutes…in shop or field.
  • Premium Swiss roller bearings.
  • Super-resilient, minimal bending/ bowing, even with longer lengths.
  • Extended rail and bar life.
  • Low risk of rail chipping and/or spreading.
Part # LengthPitchDLGaugeMount
HS44-63RQ 44".404"128.063"HS
HV44-63RQ 44".404"128.063"HV
HS50-63RQ 50".404"140.063"HS
HV50-63RQ 50".404"140.063"HV
HS56-63RQ 56".404"160.063"HS
HV56-63RQ 56".404"160.063"HV
HV60-63RQ 60".404"172.063"HV
HS60-63RQ 60".404"172.063"HS
HS64-63RQ 64".404"180.063"HS
HV64-63RQ 64".404"180.063"HV
HS72-63RQ 72".404"190.063"HS
HV72-63RQ 72".404"190.063"HV
HS84-63RQ 84".404"206.063"HS
HV84-63RQ 84".404"206.063"HV
HS87-63RQ 87".404".063"HS