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Double Ended Bars .404"


GB Double Ended Mill bars are especially designed for mechanical timber processing. The material used in their construction give the bars a guaranteed strength to withstand whatever can be thrown at them.

The HSD mount for this range of bars is designed to fit a large range of professional chain saws. Included with each bar is a set of spacers which significantly increase the range of mounts able to be used. This mount has been designed to suit all large and medium size Stihl, Husqvarna and Jonsered chainsaws.

  • Bar body crefted in solid, hi-tech titanium alloy steel.
  • Precision ground grooves; Uniform induction-hardened rails.
  • Quality bar can be re-grooved for extra lomg life.
  • Super-resilient, minimal bending/bowing, even in longer lengths.
  • Extended rail and bar life.
  • Low risk of rail chipping and/or spreading.
  • Cutting performance enhanced.
  • Extremely tough and durable.
Part # LengthPitchDLGaugeMount
HSD44-63D 44".404"124.063"HSD
HSD50-63D 50".404"138.063"HSD
HSD56-63D 56".404"154.063"HSD
HSD60-63D 60".404"164.063"HSD
HSD66-63D 66".404"180.063"HSD
HSD72-63D 72".404"202.063"HSD
HSD84-63D 84".404"235.063"HSD
HSD87-63D 87".404"242.063"HSD