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18" GB Arbor Tech Guide Bar - 3/8"LP (.050")

Stock Code: M18-50WR

The GB Arbor Tech range covers professional replacement nose bars for small chainsaws running 3/8" Low Profile chain. They feature a one piece solid steel body; specially heat treated and tempered for high strength. Super tough, high tech alloy sprocket glides on precision Swiss bearings.

Products Specs

18" gb arbor tech guide bar - 3/8"lp (.050")
Length 18"
Pitch 3/8" LP
DL 60
Gauge .050"
Mount M

ALPINA: 330, 380, 432, 438, EU35, EU40, P34, P34S, PR350

McCULLOCH: 10, 12E, 12ES, 14, 14E, 14ES, 16, 16E, 18, 35, 380, 40, 400, 41, 440, 46, 6A, E150, E200, E250, E300, EAGER BEAVER, EMB, MAC1100, MAC2214, MAC2316, MAC235, MAC2416, MAC2618, MAC3214, MAC335, MAC340, MAC416, MAC538, MAC540, MAC542E, MacCAT 16, MacCat440, MacCat441, MINI MAC SERIES, PM300, PM3200, PM3205, PM3500, PM3505, PM3800-16, PM3805, PM400, PM510, PM515, PM5700-20

MTD: 3414, 3616, 3818

TALON: AC2103C, AC21052168A, AC211114, AC211116, AC3100, AC3100-35C, AC31A114-35, AC31A116-38, AC31A118-38C, AC31A140, AC31AC116-35, ACA007