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Homelite Sprocket ( Centre Drive ) - 7 Tooth 3/8" Pitch

Stock Code: HO113LCA7N

The GB Centre Drive replaceable rim type sprocket is the ultimate in design and strength. The centre drive system allows the user to change the rim sprockets when they become worn and also the chain pitch without having to change the whole system.

Products Specs

homelite sprocket ( centre drive ) - 7 tooth 3/8" pitch
Bore 5/8"
Teeth 7
Keyway B-101208
Flange GBA7L7
Pitch 3/8"
To Suit

HOMELITE: 450, 550, 923, SUPERXL, SXL952, VI944, VI955, XL-12 AFTER SERIAL #1735838, XL400, XL500, XL800, XLAO